Vegan Leather

We’re all about inclusivity. Big, small, boys, girls, and everything in between. And that includes Vegetarians & Vegans 🙂

We’ve a few requests for something animal friendly; why should what you eat exclude you from enjoying the leather and harness scene?

That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time making something extra special for the vegans and vegetarians out there: Vegan Leatherwear. The ‘leather’ is actually Cork. Yes: Cork – exactly like what keeps your Prosecco and Pinot Grigio fresh.

The Cork comes from Portugal, and is completely animal-product free. There are a number of different colours and effects we can use to produce Vegan products, but for for the moment, we’re showing plain black.

Because of the nature of working with sheet cork, the best design is our ‘one-size’ adjustable harness, with side release clips. See the pictures below, and let us know what your think.

Bulldog Harness