Unicorn Leather Kickstarter


Our Limited Edition Unicorn Leather harness has been so popular, that we’ve sold out.  And we can’t make more until we commit to buying A LOT of shiny leather; and I mean A LOT. Like a tennis-court amount.

So … we’re gonna try and sell 5 bulldog harnesses, on backorder, so we can place a substantial leather order. This means: you pay now, and wait until we’ve reached 5 sales; then we buy the leather – which will take up to 6 weeks to arrive, and produce and send you your product.

Outside of the 6 week delivery time, and then 2 manufacturing time, the only wait factor is how long it takes to sell the remaining countdown stock.

It should go without saying, that a) We’ll keep you updated about how the countdown stock is selling, and b) if you ever feel that you no longer want to play the waiting game, then a full refund will be given.

Let’s try .. what’s the worst that’s could happen 🤷‍♂️