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Gilded Fetish
Flat 30
216 Kennington Road
SE11 6HR


Registered in England and Wales
Company Number: 11597110
VAT Number: GB982298473


Visibly Superior

Visibly Superior

I’m a proud owner of two creations from Gilded Fetish. The whole process of ordering/designing was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, Brett leaves nothing to chance and doesn’t compromise on quality. Every single detail is looked at (even in areas which wouldn’t be on display) to ensure I got the best design and choice. The range in colours/tones and styles is vast and they’ve been extremely comfortable to wear.

The best part about Gilded Fetish’s designs is that the quality and finish is visibly superior when you place them next to shop-bought harnesses. I already have two more sets of colours and designs that I would like to create through Gilded Fetish so I’ll certainly be coming back for more!

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