GMDC Charity Gala 2018

I was immensely proud to have been asked to design and create a collection of Burlesque costumes for the Gay Men’s Dance Company for their second annual Charity Gala.

I’ve been a member of the GMDC for over two years, so enjoyed not only dancing with some of my favourite people on stage, but also seeing months of hard work and countless feathers applauded on stage during a 6 minute Christina Aguilera “Burlesque” dance number.

Sadly, there was a problem with official photographs, but we’ve managed to source a few pictures and videos from audience members, and generous friends and members.

Have a look at the images and videos below, and don’t forget to check out for more information about the Gay Men’s Dance Company.

Photos by Sergio Maorenzic:

Photos by Aletta Welensky: