Making a bespoke harness

What goes into making a bespoke harness?

Fetishwear can seem daunting. I understand. You may be a seasoned BDSM practitioner, or someone just discovering your kinky side. There is a presumption that there are strict rules about fetishes, that you can’t mix rubber and leather, that everything has to be black. and that certain things are frowned upon. It’s not all about dungeons and masters. This world is a wonderful, varied, and exciting place. You can express yourself in whatever way turns you on, or simply makes you feel sexy.

I started Gilded Fetish at the end of 2016. I’ve always been a crafter: sewing clothes, creating costumes, and some experience in fine tailoring. I’d also never been into any kind of fetishwear; to me it always seemed interesting, but there was nothing any brand or shop was offering that tapped into my need for well-made, and interesting attire. Everything seemed so… black. And mass-produced.

I had in my stock pile of fabrics and materials, some gold leatherette and upholstery leather samples. I took a good few tries to convince myself that I could produce something that I would wear. And if I would buy it, why wouldn’t others. A scour of the internet to see if anyone else was doing this proved that I was alone. And Gilded Fetish was born.

It all starts with a friendly chat

There’s nothing formal about the service I provide. I care about the products I make, and understand that you’re someone who may want to expand their leather wardrobe, or are looking for your first harness because you think it’s something you’d quite like to try. I trust that each and everyone of my customers would tell you, that our first meeting was comfortable and welcoming. I’m not a prude: Sex doesn’t scare me, and neither should talking about what it is you want from a custom harness.

Let’s ask some questions: What do you have in mind? Have you seen something you like? What is the purpose of the product? Is it for a look, a party or for sex? The answers to these question will definitely influence what you choose as a final design, and what colours and leathers (or other materials) you choose. Do you want over-the-top detail, or something simple? Stand out, or blend in? Is it for your pleasure, or someone else’s? Do you have a budget, or expected cost? How much you’re willing to spend will definitely drive what I can produce. How tight do you want it? Does there need to be much movement? I want your product to be personal to you.


Unless you know exactly what it is you want, the conversation and questions above will hopefully reveal to both of us what it is you’re looking for. If you have a radical idea, or think of a style that I haven’t produced already, I’m happy to design a custom piece according to your brief.

Besides a few standard sized “Disco Bicep Straps”, I don’t do anything “off the rack”. Everything I produce is custom-made, and tailor fit to you: Personal and Unique. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same exact size forever; each strap is adjustable: so if your body shape changes, or you’re feeling really generous and lend it to a friend, your harness will still serve it’s intended purpose.


Almost as important as the design and fitting of the harness is the colour. You most likely have a favourite or signature colour that you want in your product. Because certain colours are only workable in certain leathers, and some leathers and textures are only available in certain colours, I’m right here to offer the best advice, and tell you what can and can’t be done. Specialist leathers are a real treat!

If I don’t have exactly what leather you need in stock, I make a trip (or a few) to my many leather suppliers, and gather appropriate supplies. You’re welcome to join me in the search. It’s quite an eye-opener seeing the warehouses of leather.

Both the colour and the type of leather you choose bring us to the next feature of the process.

So what’s the final price?

The fact of the matter is, that until you know what is you want, what leathers or materials you’d like, and how much you’ll need, it’s difficult to put an exact price on the project. The prices we advertise are guide prices for standard leathers based on calculated pieces. The more leather used, and cost of exclusive materials drive up the cost, and this cost may in turn affect your decision to continue with the project. If this is the case, the choice is yours: either we revise the design, using less leather, or we decide on cheaper leathers.

Only when you’re happy with your idea and the quoted cost, do we get down to the actual business of production. To make sure you confident in the look of the final piece, I’ll provide a sample piece in the chosen leathers. When we’ve gone through this whole process, and you’re happy with the sample and cost, a payment of 50% is usually required. This is of course negotiable; if you don’t want to, or can’t splash out the money all at once, I’m happy to take part payment as and when you can pay. When at least 50% is paid, then work begins!


The usual turnaround time is a few weeks, but usually I produce a product within 7 days. Depending on availability of leather however, especially specialist materials and bespoke designs, the waiting time may be a bit longer.

For obvious reasons, I’m not going to share details of my exact production process here.All you need to know is that leather is cut, each component is constructed and checked against your measurements, and then finally assembled.


The final stage. Hand delivered, or plain-packaged-post. The choice is yours.

And that’s it.

Thanks for reading

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