Hello. I’m Brett, and Gilded Fetish is my little startup brand – my brand-baby.

I’m not trying to change the face of leatherwear – just trying to make things a bit more interesting. Know what I mean?

Gilded Fetish

  • Custom Leather Fetishwear.
  • Handmade in London
  • Est 2016

I started making Leatherwear in 2016 – after my other half suggested I try to find a use for the gold leather I had in my sewing room.

I thought, yeah sure, why not? and knocked up sample product based on a store-bought harness we had, but wasn’t convinced. What I’d produced in an afternoon felt ‘manufactured’ and was lacking in any real creativity.

I put the idea at the back of my mind for a few months until I was inspired by a friend saying he couldn’t find anything suitable for his slight frame and darker skin.

We found a tannery and leather shop in North London which sold suitable hides, gold foiled leather, and all the fittings needed to create something unique. After a good few days measuring, designing, and cutting, we had a working prototype and a finished product. Gilded Fetish had been born!

Every product I produce now is no different to the first one I made in 2016: From a sincere attention to what the customer wants and has in mind, through product design and producing samples for approval, all the way to creating something unique by my own hand (and a semi-industrial sewing machine).

I still work out of the spare room in our flat in Kennington – maybe one day I’ll have my own workshop; but until then, everyone is welcome at Gilded Fetish HQ for a cup/glass/jug of tea/coffee/beer/gin. Let’s make something interesting.

xx Brett